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The notice of the 3rd of King of HKJJ tournament!! This is the tournament for only HKJJ members. And in same day, it will also be held the belt graduation ceremony & the drinking party after that. Date:2012/Aug/18th(Sat) Place:Hong Kong Jiu-Jitsu Time Table: Gym Open:13:00 Intra Tournament:14:00~ Belt Graduation Ceremony:16:00~ The drinking party@HKJJ:17:00~ (Charge:100HKD) And I will put the application form on the white board at the gym. If you want to join, please list your name & category. ・-70Kg(White & Blue Belt Mixed) ・+70Kg(White & Blue Belt Mixed) ・Female Open Weigh(White Belt) ・White Belt Open Weigh ・Blue Belt Open Weigh ・Special Match: Brad VS Adachi-san (*With Gi) We are looking forward that a lot of members will join them. My wife also will make the Japanese curry this time,again. (Last time , it was popular among the members who joined the party. ) And please feel free to bring your family and friends. I think this is the good opportunity for showing your bjj or training place to your family. I will announce the detail on the blog and facebook soon. I will set up some prize for the tournament ,again. HKJJ Members ,please come to the gym for the event as possible as you can. Follow your team mate or congratulate the belt graduation I had written before,too. Actually, I think this kind of thing is not necessary to tell or write. However,if anyone would come the event by this blog,I will be happy. Let’s imagine the situation that if you would fight in a tournament or be at the time of your belt promotion. If your team mate told you, “Oh, sorry.I have a little something elso to do,maybe in that day.” You might feel a sad. Oh, He choose a little something than me… You should not confirm the schedule on next Saturday. But I want you keep the schedule now next Saturday for that. Although it is wonderful thing you are promoted new belt, I think more importance thing that you have a popularity to having a great time with the persons who congratulate and respect you with big smile.
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