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I am glad to announce a new class.

Official Kids Jiu-Jitsu Class will be started from 2016/Sep/10th (every Sat).

Time:Every Sat :13:00-14:00

Instructor: Nicholas Kawada

Fee:500HKD / month

(You can see the detail of the fee from our website admission page.)

Kids Jiu-Jitsu class(60mins)

[This is the class for the kids between 6 to 12 years old.

The class starts with basic exercises for kids to get an idea of mat sport, and to learn how to control their bodies.

It introduces some basic Jiu-Jitsu movements (such as break fall ), combined with games.

It teaches kids to respect their partners in combat sport while having fun.

Any kind of sportswear are accepted.

(For example: Jiu-jitsu-gi, Judo-gi, Karate-gi, T-shirts, sports wear without metal parts such as fastener) ]

If you are interested in this class,please feel free to have a contact with us.

Best regards.

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