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The 4th King of HKJJ tournament!! This is the BJJ tournament for only HKJJ members. Please click HERE for the detail. And in same day,it will also be held the belt graduation ceremony & year-end Chinese year party after that. And please feel free to bring your family and friends. I think this is the good opportunity to show BJJ or the training place and your team mate to your family. Date:2013/Feb/2nd(Sat) Gym Open:13:00 Intra Club Tournament:14:00~ Belt Graduation Ceremony:16:00~ Chinese Year-end party@HKJJ:17:00~ (Charge:100HKD) We are looking forward that a lot of members will join them. And I will put the application form on the white board at the gym. If you want to join this tournament, please list your name & category. ・-70Kg(White & Blue Belt Mixed) ・+70Kg(White & Blue Belt Mixed) ・White Belt Open Weight ・Blue Belt Open Weight ・Special One Match (*Weight in with Gi)
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